Adventure Time! The Movie is the Cartoon Movie that will release in 2020! It the Movie Based on Adventure Time celebrating 10 years of the Show!

Plot Edit

Wizard DOOM takes over the world! He Gets rid of Princess Bubblegum and Destroys the Kingdoms! Finn and Jake have to Save the World From Wizard DOOM! Ice King Fights Wizard DOOM! But, He Fails to Fight Him! Finn and Jake our the World`s Hope!

Main Cast Edit

Finn { Voiced by Jeremy Shada }

Jake { Voiced By John Dimaggio }

Wizard DOOM { Voiced By Butch Hartman }

Princess Bubblegum { Voiced By Hynden Walch }

Ice King { Voiced By Tom Kenny }

Bemmo { Voiced By Niki Yang }

Flame Princess { Voiced By Jessica Diciccon }

Gallery Edit

Finn Before Screaming!

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