CN Cribs or Toon Cribs, depending on which channel it airs, is a franchise reality television program that originated on Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and, that features tours of the houses and mansions of Cartoon Characters and Voice Actors. The first show aired September 2009. By 2017, Youtuber named AliceTheGamer featured tours of the homes of over 304 Cartoon Characters and Voice Actors over the course of 17 current seasons. The show was originally narrated by Greg Cipes, then narrated by Tara Strong. It was developed by Greg Grigon, the creator of Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall and also FusionFall: The Animated Series

Episodes Edit

See List of CN Cribs Episodes

The most watched and replayed episode of Cribs was a special three episodes edition touring FusionFall Nation's Mansion.

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