Season 1 Edit

1. The Beginning Edit

The episode begins with all CN characters having a boring day as a fairy granted their wishes of becoming superheroes. Uncle Grandpa became the leader by being the eldest. Ash Ketchum is a simple sidekick. Tom & Jerry helps the team in various occasions. Billy has got only little works to do such as clean the team base. Mandy & Grim help with supernatural activities. Ben is also helping with that. Clarence becomes the one who plans along with Jeff & Sumo. Sometimes, Steven & the Gems help Grim, Billy, Ben, Clarence, Jeff & Sumo. The bears help with the works, too. Teen Titans help them to become more better superheroes as having experienced dangerous villains. The Scooby Doo gang helps with something mysterious as sometimes dangerous villains are outsmarted by Scooby accidentally. Bugs, Daffy, Porky & Lola help with intelligence works. Sylvester, Speedy, Tweety,Wile. E Coyote & Road Runner helps put things in a correct order or sometimes they will mess it up. Foghorn annoys everyone. Gumball & Darwin helps in action missions along with Finn & Jake & Mordecai & Rigby. Powerpuff Girls will be helping them, too. Courage helps in ghostly missions even if he don't want along with Scooby Doo. Adam & Jake helps in missions including animals rescues. Batman helps the Teen Titans & Powerpuff Girls to train our new heroes. The beybladers help with their bit - beasts. The Flintstones help with team base decorations. Garfield & Odie help with the other things. The Pink Panther helps with the team base paintings and other things.

2. The Rescue Edit

The heroes rescue Thomas from the Grim Reaper of the park who is the evil brother of Grim ( Billy & Mandy version ).

3. Edit

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