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Chavo El chavo Firefighter Pichu
Quico El chavo Drawing Scrappydoo
Gordon El chavo Hatless Amyrose
Phobe El chavo Patty Daisy the donkey
Hatchiyack Dragon ball z raging blast 2 Second form
sam totallyspies scienctist green spy
alex totallyspies chicken suit goodfeathers
clover totallyspies prom sweetpea
michigan j frog warnerbrothers tuxedo
pan dragon ball grand tour bee outfit pokemontrainer misty
gt trunks dragon ball grand tour ss4 trunks professoroak
gt vegeta dragon ball grand tour baby vegeta boom sonic
gt goten dragon ball grand tour gt gohan supersaiyan teentitansgo
Freakazoid Freakazoid Dexter douglas Tayuya
williamwishwellaton big bag knight toothlessthedragon
jonarbuckle garfield comic pear
raph teenage mutant ninja turtles comic lukeskywalker
leonardo teenage mutant ninja turtles comic tobias wilson
mikey teenage mutant ninja turtles comic pizzasteve
donnie teenage mutant ninja turtles comic r2d2
gt goku dragon ball grand tour ss4 goku babydaffyduck
Junior El chavo Drawing Jamie
Mr.Raymond El chavo Ape Gundam
Ricochet Muchalucha Unmasked Saiki
Theflea Muchalucha Unmasked Silver

Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion 2 is the sequel to the Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL. The game comes out for PlayStation 3, Wii U and Xbox 360. 3ds Xbox1 ps3 wii tablet

Plot by kadarwoody Edit

Docanddrew Thesecretsaturday Ben 10 omniverse Eustacebagge
Terra Teen titans Sladeterra hands
Ginyu Dragon ball z kai Goku,s body Tekirai and jangkeng
Elzekiel Totaldrama Zombieelzekiel Greenraven

Newcomers Characters turningThere are 25 (28, if you include double characters) returning characters from Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion (BonusCostume Synergy Partner Cheese Foster's 0suitsamus the Cartoon Network Training Room Final Boss Dexter's Laboratory Capsule Hangar Dexter's Laboratory Mandark's Laboratory Multi-Formic Megabot The 8bitmario, Edd & Candy and Muttley Bam-Bam Rubb, Cartoon character of Flapjack Stormalong, eddy codenamekidnextdoor, 0suitsamus the Synergy the Cowardly,Dog Captain Katz Princess Bubblegum the wanting a lot more to do it, I will have the option. if I could be used for that reason for that reason for that reason for, 9999999998 Edit

Agentsix GeneratorRex Spy Lemongrab
Bell Powerpuffgirlsdoujinshi Teehbell Pikachu
Grim junior Grimtales Human Thelavamonster
Mordecai and Rigby Regularshow Toocool Breach
Mimiher Grimtales Human Jeffthespider
Rexsalazar GeneratorRex Training gear Yugi
Spaceg ghost Spaceghost Moltar Sedusa
T.o.m. Toonami T.o.m.4 Treetrunks
Van kleiss GeneratorRex Scientist Clyde52
Gumballanddarwin The amazing world of gumball Ghost Cee
Johnnytest and dukey Johnnytest Johnny x and superpooch Ninjago
Liono Thundercats Chima Kaz
Nartuo Nartuo shippuden Sagemodenartuo Richardwatterson
Amethyst Stevenuniverse Purple Puma Coco
Ben Tennyson Ben 10 omniverse Dimemson Ben 23 Fredfredburger
Garnet Stevenuniverse Beachwear Raddudesman
Jasper Stevenuniverse Caped Fuzzylumpkins
Pearl Stevenuniverse Spacepilot Rolf
Shaggy Scooby doo Unknown Lapislazuli
Stevenuniverse Stevenuniverse Tiger millioner Unclegrandpa
Peridot Stevenuniverse Cyber form Stickybeard
Wirt and greg Over the garden wall Currently unknown Duchess
Knightbrace Code named kids next door Mr.jelly Lion
ZakSaturday The secret saturdays Ben 10 omniverse Biowulf
Goku Dragon ball z kai Yardratoutfit Hisoka
Boom Hauer Koth Shirtless Capital g
Meg griffin Familyguy Badgirl Yellow tail
Loisgriffin Familyguy Bonnie Swanson Moltar toonami
Cleveland Brown The cleveland show Bacon suit Opal
Robin Teen titans Redx Mr.gus
Raven Teen titans Whitecloakleotard Greg universe
Starfire Teen titans Blackfire Marvin the martian
YakkoWakkoanddot Animaniacs Louisa francesca bananafanna bo bescathethird Banana Joe


Fighter Series Bonus Costume Synergy Partner
Annyoingorange Hfa annyoingorange Unpeeled Grapeape
Sasuke Nartuo shippuden Taka Midgetapple
Neji Nartuo shippuden Great ninja war Shenron
Sakura Nartuoshippuden Great ninja war Pinkyandthebrain
Kakashihatake Nartuoshippuden School Nya
Ino Nartuoshippuden Greatninjawar Lsp
Choji Nartuoshippuden Greatninjawar Ashkechum
Tenten Nartuo shippuden Greatninjawar Grapefruit
Sai Nartuoshippuden Greatninjawar Red
Yamato Nartuo shippuden Masked Garyoak
Hinata Nartuo shippuden School Apple
George jetson The jetson Ca veman Doraemon
Ruby and sappire Stevenuniverse Red and blue Beyblade
Rose quartz Steven universe Teen Nobi
Connie Stevenuniverse Swordmaster The first hokage
Alejandro Totaldrama Robot Fernadofernadofernado
Mike Total drama Grandpa glasses Dan and dragonoid
Heather Total drama Tdwt Peach
Sierra Total drama Yodelerdancers Tails
Cody Totaldrama Alien cody Droopy
  1. There are 5 expansion characters included from the Hannah-Barbara c . Snergy partner
Fighters Series Bonus Costume
Tomandjerry Tom and Jerry Chefs Mystery Incoperated
Gon Hunterxhunter Killua Dino
Fred Flinstone The Flinstones Mighty Mightor Penelope Pitstop

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Scooby-Dum Spike
Dick Dastardly and Muttley Wacky Races Pilot Dick and Muttley Harold
Cyborg Teen titans Stone C.y.l.d.e.3
Beastboy Teen titans Justice Evil monkey
Petergriffin Family guy Retep Rukia
Brian griffin Familyguy Newbrian Snoopy the do
Cameron Totaldrama Ironcmaeron Bulma
Vegeta Dragon ball z kai Scoutervegeta Sensi-wu
Lighting Total drama Battle Armor Cloud jay
Gwen Totaldrama Skatoony Cjlapuck
Scott Totaldrama Shock coller Evilkaz
Theearl Skatoony Larie Herculesatan
Chuddchudders Skatoony Pjs Controllfreak
Danger grid of doom Skatoony Safe grid of good Fortune Eva
Ami and yumi Hi puffy puffy yumi and Ami Evil Sketdance
Robot chicken Robot chicken Dead Chicken Susanandmary
Robot chicken Scientist Robot scientist Lalavava
Blossom Power puff girls doujinshi Grimtales Thomas
Buenagirl Mucha lucha Ricochet colors Onepunchman
Hankhill Koth Blonde Spyvsspy
Dalegribble Koth Indianoutfit Daffyduck
Bobbyhill Koth Bobbypanda Grimtales cosmo and Wanda
Young Naruto Nartuoshippuden Pjs Mother Mae Eye
Young sasuke Nartuoshippuden Black rebet Dexter,d mom and dad
Young Sakura Nartuo shippuden Great ninja war Nappa
Rocklee Nartuo shippuden No armor Lugia
Popeye Popeye White sailor Felix the cat
Olive Popeye Yellow Dan blan
Road runner and coyote Looneytunes Ninja Hoo
Bugsbunny Looneytunes Biker Bigfoot
Stevonnie Stevenuniverse Jacket Gogeta
Huckleberryhound Huckleberryhound Sound hound Yellow diamond
Courtney Total drama Disco Bigfoot
Sonic Sonicx Metalsonic TheFlash
Shadow Sonicx Super shadow Classic sonic
Gregheffley Diary of a Wimpy Kid Diary Journal Toadblatt's
Rodrickheffley Diary of a Wimpy Kid Diary journal Pollution teers
Patty Farro

Godzilla Godzilla Mechagodzilla Trigon
Zoey Total drama Camando zoey Meowth
Mal Total drama Shadow mal Max and scarlet
Duncanrosenblatt Firebreath Dragonoidhuman Bluedragon

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