Monday, May 8, 2012(UK)
12:00 AM: Dragon Ball Z Kai(1989)
12:30 AM: Attack On Titan(2005)
1:00 AM: Tokyo Ghoul(2011)
1:30 AM: Hunter x Hunter(NEW)
2:00 AM: Gundam Unicorn(NEW)
2:30 AM: Naruto Shippuden(NEW)
3:00 AM: Ghost in the Shell(NEW)
3:30 AM: Futurama
4:00 AM: The Cleveland Show(NEW)
4:30 AM: American Dad!
5:00 AM: Sealab 2021(NEW)

5:30 AM: Aqua Teen Hunger Force(2000)

6:00 AM: Dexter's Laboratory
6:30 AM: The Powerpuff Girls(1998-2005)
7:00 AM: Time Squad(2002)
7:30 AM: Cow And Chicken
8:00 AM: Johnny Bravo
8:30 AM: Courage The Cowardly Dog
9:00 AM: Harry And His Bucketful Of Dinosaurs(2005)
9:15 AM: Franklin(2000)
9:30 AM: Firehouse Tales(2005)
9:45 AM: Gordon The Garden Gnome(2005)
10:00 AM: Little Robots(2003)
10:15 AM: Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto!(2003)
10:30 AM: Gerald McBoing-Boing(2005)
10:45 AM: Krypto The Superdog(2005)
11:00 AM: Teletubbies(1996)
11:30 AM: Max And Ruby(NEW)
12:00 PM: Caillou
12:30 PM: Rosie And Jim(1986)
12:45 PM: Boobah(2002)

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