Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion Developer Diary02:48

Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion Developer Diary


Host: Buttercup

Cartoon Network's Cartoon Rescue is a live and animated series which stars Buttercup from The Power Puff Girls as one of the two main hosts and several other characters as they go from cartoon to cartoon and animation studio to animation studio as they make the people behind the seans of each cartoon and make them do better in the same manner as Bar Rescues John Taffer.

Main CharactersEdit

Michaeal Scott

Host: Markus Flipman


Host: Buttercup

Placeholder person

Animation Expert: Sara Hill


Animation Expert: Jake The Dog

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Head Script Writer: Amanda Park


Head Story teller: Dexter

Season One EpisodesEdit

  1. Ben 10 in 2017
  2. Teen Titans Go Away
  3. Irregular Show
  4. Don't Beware The Batman
  5. Uncle or Grandpa
  6. Powderpuff Girls 2016
  7. Steven's Universal Problems
  8. Young Injustice
  9. Brave But Not Bold
  10. Misadventure Time
  11. Flapjerk
  12. Same Samurai, New Cartoon
  13. Back To The Drawing Board (Special)

Season Two EpisodesEdit

  1. BlunderCats
  2. Is He-Man Enough
  3. The Groovy Toons Show
  4. Destroy, Don't Build, Just Destroy
  5. Twelve Ounce Mousetrap
  6. Punch Time Out Misexplosion
  7. Robot Chickenscratch
  8. Dexter's New Laboratory
  9. New Found Courage
  10. Don't Have A Cow, And Chicken
  11. The Warped World of Gumball
  12. The Secret Next Saturdays
  13. Back To The Drawing Board 2 (Special)

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Each episode name is a joking reference to the cartoon series that our host's and their expert's are trying to save and make better.
  • The cartoon itself is based on the Spike T.V.series Bar Rescue.

Three more seasons are in the making under the name Cartoon Rescue Returns. 

The reason for the showEdit


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