Teenage Ben 10 - Phrase: It's hero time!

- Swampfire blast

Up - Bigchill ice blast

Left/Right - Fastrack dash

Down - Echo Echo's wall of sound

Super Move: Ultimate Echo Echo's Sonic Doom Attack

Young Ben 10 - Phrase: Time to go big...Way Big!

- Heatblast shot

Up - Wildvine swinging attack

Left/Right - XLR8 dash

Down - Diamondhead smash

Super Move: Transforms into Way Big and blasts an energy beam

Alvin Seville- Phrase: I'm top munk!

- Strumm strike

Up- Jump Smack

Left/Right - Skateboard Dash

Down - Slide Step

Super Move: Blast a super guitar strumm at all enemies.

Britany Miller- Phrase: Have a taste of Chipette Power!!

- Karate Chop

Up - Jump-Rope Spin

Left/Right -

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