The Anouncer has another day off and decides that he would watch some of his old recordings, when suddenly, his old bully appears, mashes the tapes, and shoves them into his DVR. The result is a mangled timeline without any flow or order, but then, he sees Teenage Ben Tennyson escaping into a portal. This portal dumps him out at the Rustbucket, were an evil young Ben attacks Grampa Max and Gwen. Teenage Ben easily defeats his younger self, and Gwen is snatched by Aggregor, who mysteriously has his mutated form back, soon after. The Bens run down the highway in pursuit of Aggregor and Gwen, battling his soilders along the way. They run into him as he escapes, left to protect Gwen from Aggregor's minions. After they defeat said minions, the area and people in it fade into nothing.

They re-emerge in Modern Ben's time, which is under seige by Aggregor. The Bens charge at him, but are stopped and attacked by an evil Alvin. After Alvin is defeated, he falls off a nearby bridge, but is saved by Young Ben as Wildvine. He freaks out, and explains that he thought Ben was another monster like the ones attacking his home. Alvin panics once he remebers those monsters carried off Britteny, and leads them through a mad dash across Bellwood to save her. They wind up in their first battle with Aggregor, and after a long, hard fight, they beat him and free Britteny in the process. She runs up and hugs Alvin, then the dimension begins fading again. Dexter comes in the dimension rocket to save them, and explains that to stop this, they will have to gather every hero from the affected dimensions and unite their powers.

The group ends up in Alvin and Britteny's dimension, overrun with Florafauna attacking the neighbors. Alvin spots his brothers being attacked and uses his guitar blast to save them. The gang goes to Alvin's, then Britteny's houses, freeing Dave and Ms. Miller. They reveal that the source of the Wildvine-aliens is at the center of the town. Alvin finds some skateboards and decides that the team should use them to ride along the vines. They go on the skate boards to the center of town, dodging florafauna and wild boars along the way up curling, spiked and whip-like vines to reach the source. Upon reaching the top, they encounter the "Mother Root", and battle it. They destroy its vines to remove its support, thus sending it off the edge and freeing the town. Before they can call Dexter, the dimension fades into darkness, hurling them into the time rift. Dexter manages to save them but crashes into another affected dimension in the process.

The Announcer is relieved when he finds out that the ended up in Regular Show, but this feeling fades when he realizes Aggregor and Mr. Boss [Codename:KND] are attacking it. Our heros meet Mordecai and Rigby swatting Moonsies around. They are told what has happened, however, Rigby doesn't want to help. Mordecai punches him and reminds him that those freaks abucted Benson, and they would get fired if they didn't help him. Mordecai and Rigby leave the other heroes to fight the Moonsies while they go after Aggregor. They fight Aggregors Soldiers, Moonsies, and Icecream Men to reach the place in the park were Mr. Boss is holding Benson hostage. When they get there, Mordecai and Rigby must battle more minions and eventually Aggregor and Mr.Boss themselves, to save Benson. Finally, they rejoin the team to battle Destroyer of Worlds aboard the cart. After destroying him, a frustrated Aggregor blasts two portals open and seperates the team before the dimension fades into nothing.

The first group: Young Ben, Alvin, and Britteny end up in the Sector V Treehouse, which is under seige. They soon hear punching and kicking, which leads leads them to a battle between an evil Numbuh One and a non-evil Numbuh Five. Numbuh Five spots them and tells them to help her, and even though Alvin tries to sneak off, they do so. After defeating Numbuh One, they decide to team up and battle the adults that have taken over the treehouse. They finish with a battle against Father and the Delightful Children.

Meanwhile, Teenage Ben, Mordecai, and Rigby find a spooky house were the trio runs into an evil Shaggy and Scooby. After they defeat the duo, Shaggy explains that "Gianormus Ugly Spiders" chased the rest of the gang into the spooky house. They team up to takedown the giant spiders, zombies, and bats that overrun the house to save the Mystery Inc. gang. Our Heroes then team up to defeat the Mutant Creeper. After they due so, Freddy tries to "unmask" him when the dimension fades again. Dexter saves both teams by opening two portals to other dimensions.

They stoop at Dexter's Lab to come up with a plan to stop the villans, when suddenly, Mandark attacks it by Aggregor's command to stop the heroes. The team fights its way through the lower levels to reach the observation deck of the lab, were Mandark waits in his Mega-mech of Destruction. After being defeated, the mech's power core explodes powerfully enough to open portals and seperate the team again.

Young Ben, Numbuh 1, Numbuh 5, Alvin, and Brittany end up in Porkbelly, were Mandark and Mr. Boss are attacking as a team. The run into Johnny Test, who power-poots at the villans to save them. Numbuh Five asks were Dexter is , and Alvin adds "Red hair, dorky glasses, and talks sciency". Johnny remebers seeing him at Susan and Mary's lab working on something with his sisters. After battling Bling-bling's minions as well as those of Aggregor and Mr. Boss through downtown Porkbelly, they reach the Test's house. They face-off against Bling-bling Boy to save Johnny's family and finish the machine. Then, Bling-bling teleports them to the dark side of the moon to face Aggregor and Dark Vegan. After the battle and the machine is complete, the dimension collapses and sucks them down another portal.

The older teamates end up at Camp Wawanakwa and find it infested with florafauna. They face off against an Evil Ducan and Evil Owen on the Dock of Shame, then the two come to their senses and help them to save some of the campers(Gwen, DJ, Heather,Izzy, Courtney, and Harold) as they search for Chris, who disappeared before the monsters arrived. They find Chris on Boney Island being chased by a clump creature created from the other campers and Chef. They defeat the Monster and the dimension collapses again.

The younger teamates wind up at the Banana Cabana, which is attacked by poodle and her thugs. They face off against Evil Howey in the reception area and help him to regain his senses. Howey explains that Poodle and a freaky guy called Aggregor took over and mechified the residents and staff. The team battles the staff in a royale to free them, then challenges Poodle and Batty. The two are defeated and the dimension fades into nothing.

Meanwhile, the other team

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