is a cartoon release august 2016

Episodes Edit

Season 1 (2015-2016) Edit

  1. Freddy Kicking the Brake
  2. Freddy Goes to Karate Club
  3. Freddy At the Circus
  4. Freddy Picking Her Nose
  5. Freddy and The Humpty Dumpty
  6. Freddy and The Sea Capitains
  7. Freddy Burgles the House
  8. Freddy Meets The Loch-Ness Monster
  9. Freddy Goes to Moon
  10. Freddy Goes to SuperMarket
  11. Freddy Goes Swimming
  12. Freddy Goes To The Church
  13. Freddy Drops The Baby
  14. Freddy Gets Sent To Antartica
  15. Freddy and the Christmas Special
  16. Freddy Goes To The Golf Curse
  17. Freddy Is Going To Be On TV
  18. Freddy and The Cat
  19. Freddy Gets Stuck In The Vending Machine
  20. Freddy and the Policeman
  21. Freddy and the Easter Bunny
  22. Freddy Goes to KFC
  23. Freddy and the Car
  24. Freddy Goes On The Motorbike
  25. Freddy Gets Stuck In the Hole
  26. Freddy and The Teddy Bears Picnic
  27. Freddy Goes Boxing
  28. Freddy Has A Midnight Snack
  29. Freddy Gets Dropped Off the Cliff
  30. Freddy and The Tractor
  31. Freddy Spills The Coffee
  32. Freddy Meets Anti-Freddy
  33. Freddy and The Meeting
  34. Freddy Goes to Burger King
  35. Freddy Goes To The Talent Show
  36. Freddy Goes For The War
  37. Freddy Goes To Sleep In Bed
  38. Freddy's Death
  39. Freddy's Return
  40. Freddy and the Halloween Special

Season 2 (2016-2017) Edit

  1. Freddy and the Bank
  2. Freddy Meets ???
  3. Freddy Goes To Beach
  4. Freddy Goes To Cinema
  5. Freddy Joins the Barbecue Party
  6. Freddy and The Cow
  7. Freddy and the Father Christmas
  8. Freddy Ruins the Evening Dinner
  9. Freddy Goes Postal
  10. Freddy and The Stranger
  11. Freddy Makes Prank Calls
  12. Freddy Meets ???
  13. Freddy Goes to the Museum
  14. Freddy Goes to 3DMM World
  15. Freddy Goes to Toonsville
  16. Freddy and the Megaphone
  17. Freddy transforms in Freddy the Dragon
  18. Freddy and the Elephant
  19. Freddy and the Vending Machine
  20. Freddy Has a Nightmare
  21. Freddy Goes to McDonald's
  22. Freddy Goes to The Park
  23. Freddy Goes to The Buzz in Toon Planet
  24. Freddy Goes to Warwick Castle
  25. Freddy Goes to School
  26. Freddy Goes to Fair
  27. Freddy and the Newspaper
  28. Freddy Goes Bowling
  29. Freddy Goes to the Happy Tree Garden
  30. Freddy and your Brothers
  31. Freddy Goes to Disco
  32. Freddy Meets The Simpsons
  33. Freddy the Babysitter
  34. Freddy and the Pirates
  35. Freddy Goes to London
  36. Freddy Ruins the Birthday Party
  37. Freddy Goes to Office
  38. Freddy Goes to Haunted House
  39. Freddy Throws the Sleepover Party
  40. Freddy VS Jack

Music Edit

Characters Edit

freddy milly jack mike dr john and more

Jack's Adventures Edit

its a spin-off created after season 1 and before season 2

Episodes Edit

  • The Police Investgation
  • Jack's Nightmare
  • and more coming soon

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