This is an 2 player co-op action adventure game where you can play as the Looney Tunes gang or the Sonic gang.It is going to be on Wii U(sinc with RS and DWWH).


This all begins where Eggman is working on a new machine.Orbot and Cubot messed it up which combined the 2 worlds.Sonic must team up with Bugs to stop Eggman and Elmore Fudd who also teamed up.

Sonic and Bug's StoryEdit

This all happens where Sonic gets transported into the LT world.He notices he's falling from the sky.......again! Sonic goes right through Bugs roof landing on the couch."Finally, I land on something soft!"said Sonic."Who are you?"said Bugs."I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog!" "I'm Bugs." "Have you seen a guy named Eggman?" "No." Suddenly, they look out the window to see Eggman and Elmore Fudd flying a huge helicarrier."There he is."said Sonic."I'm going with you."said Bugs."Why?" "I had a bad feeling about those two."So, they teamed up to stop them.

Tails and Porky's StoryEdit

This story begins when Tails lands on Porky's lawn."Hey, are you alright?"asked Porky."Yeah, I'm okay.Who are you?"said Tails."I'm Porky." "Tails.Have you seen a guy named Eggman?" "Who?" Suddenly, Tails realized something."OH NO! I lost some of my tech!" "I'll help you find it."So they set off to find Tails tech.

Daffy and Shadow's StoryEdit

This begins when Shadow accidently lands right on top of Daffy."Hey! Watch were you're going!"Shadow then held a pistol to his face."What do you just say?!" "PLEASE DON'T KILL ME, PLEASE!!!"cried Daffy."Then shut up and help me find Sonic so I can put a bullet in his head." "Alright! Alright!" "So lets go."

More info coming!