Millie is an upcoming American animated television series created by Phil Jericho. It will air on Cartoon Network in Spring 2016 and will be rated TV-14, making it Cartoon Network's first animated program to get a TV-14 rating.


The animated teen comedy centers on the life of 14 year old goth Millie Johnson as she starts a new life in Eastdale High in New York. The series will also have episodes focused on the friends she makes at the High.


  • Millie Johnson (Tara Strong) - The gothic one and the main character of the series.
  • Kathy Bowman (Jenny Slate) - The geeky one and one of Millie's friends.
  • Amy Wilson (Charlyne Yi) - The smart one and one of Millie's friends.
  • Wendy Cooper (Allison Williams) - The crazy / video game freak one and one of Millie's friends.
  • Jane Fisher (Jemima Kirke) - The fashionable one and one of Millie's friends. Unlike the other girls, she is a junior at Eastdale High.
  • Hayley Russell (Monica Rial) - The strong one and one of Millie's friends. Unlike the other girls, she is also a junior at Eastdale High.
  • Jack Ulrich (Zach Callison) - A sophomore at Eastdale High and Millie's love interest.
  • Eric Dunham (Drake Bell) - A senior at Eastdale High and Kathy's love interest.
  • Tim Jones (Tom Kenny) - A smart freshman and Amy's love interest.
  • Ryan Johnson (Ryan Lee) - Millie's brother also starting High School who has a massive crush on Wendy.
  • Kilroy Maxx (Adam Driver) - Jane's boyfriend and junior at Eastdale High.
  • Ben Crash (Johnny Yong Bosch) - A senior at Eastdale High and Hayley's love interest.
  • Henry Johnson (John Irwin) - Millie's Father who recently got a job in New York as the new principal at Eastdale High.
  • Melissa Johnson (Amy Schumer) - Millie's Mother who also recently got a job in New York as a downtown salesman.
  • Jill Johnson (Kyla Rae Kowalewski) - Millie's 11 year old sister.
  • Tina Cooper (Lena Dunham) - Wendy's Mother who works at the same company Melissa works for.
  • Harold Cooper (Andrew Rannells) - Wendy's Father who doesn't care about her job and is also a video game freak.
  • Kurt Castle (Bobby Moynihan) - The janitor of Eastdale High.
  • Michael Toughwall (Jess Harnell) - The coach of Eastdale High.


Season # Episode # Start Date End Date
Season 1 52 Spring 2016 TBA
Season 2 52 TBA TBA
Season 3 52 TBA TBA
Season 4 52 TBA TBA

Season 1:

Episode # Title Airdate Character Focused on Writers
1 The First Day Spring 2016 Millie Phil Jericho
3 TBA TBA Millie
4 TBA TBA Kathy
5 TBA TBA Millie
6 TBA TBA Wendy
7 TBA TBA Hayley
8 TBA TBA Millie
9 TBA TBA Kathy
10 TBA TBA Millie
11 TBA TBA Amy
12 TBA TBA Wendy
13 TBA TBA Jane
14 TBA TBA Kathy
15 TBA TBA Hayley
16 TBA TBA Millie
17 TBA TBA Jane
18 TBA TBA Wendy
19 TBA TBA Millie
20 TBA TBA Hayley
21 TBA TBA Millie
22 TBA TBA Amy
23 TBA TBA Hayley
24 Fear Of Heights Part 1 TBA Millie
25 Fear Of Heights Part 2 TBA Millie
26 TBA TBA Wendy
27 TBA TBA Kathy
28 TBA TBA Amy
29 TBA TBA Wendy
30 The Exam Part 1 TBA Amy
31 The Exam Part 2 TBA Amy
32 TBA TBA Jane
33 TBA TBA Millie
34 TBA TBA Hayley
35 TBA TBA Millie
36 TBA TBA Kathy
37 TBA TBA Jane
38 TBA TBA Wendy
39 TBA TBA Kathy
40 TBA TBA Jane
41 TBA TBA Millie
42 TBA TBA Wendy
43 TBA TBA Millie
44 TBA TBA Wendy
45 The Other Geek Part 1 TBA Kathy
46 The Other Geek Part 2 TBA Kathy
47 TBA TBA Wendy
48 TBA TBA Hayley

Spelling Bee Part 1

TBA Kathy
50 Spelling Bee Part 2 TBA Kathy
51 Game Wars Part 1 TBA Wendy
52 Game Wars Part 2 TBA Wendy

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