Minecraft Adventure is the Cartoon to celebate Minecraft`s 10th years since the Game Minecraft Relased!

Cast Edit

Steve { Voiced By Tom Kenny }

Alex { Voiced by Tara Strong }

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

# Episode Summary Air Date
1 The Annoying Creppers Steve hates Creepers! He Fights at day and Night! But, Nothing Works out! May 1


2 Mine! Mine! Steve goes crazy about Diamonds! He Mines and Mines! June 10 2019
3 Villagers Vs Zombies Steve goes to a Village at night! He Sees Zombies killing Villagers. Steve gets all the Villagers and the Zombies and brings them to the Fighting Stadium! July 5


4 The Diamond Sword of DOOM! Steve gets the Diamond Sword for his Birthday! But, the Sword is Evil and trys to take over Steve! August 1 2019
5 The Scary Story of Herobrine! Steve hears about Herobrine and Trys to Find Him! October

31 2019

6 The Brains! Zombies try to eat Steve`s Brain! But, Steve Fights Back! November 7 2019
7 November 14 2019
8 November 23 2019
9 November 30 2019
10 The Steve of World! {Special } Steve becomes King of Craftland! December

30 2019

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