Party Wagon is a cartoon network animated series created by Craig Bartlett with a tv movie pilot and later adapted into 40 episodes with 4 seasons

TV Movie PilotEdit

The Pilot of the movie is about a 16 year boy name Randall P. McDuff, who became both homeless and wanted after he ran out on his wedding (and obviously can't go back for fear of repercussions from his bride's family) While traveling him bumped and joined a group of a fellow travels, such as wagon owner Bumpy Snits, his daughter Ornery Sue (who speak in ye old English due to being taught that as a baby), rambunctious cowgirl Subliminy Jill and good friends Romeo Jones and Lewis Clark Jefferson. While taking a rickety raft to cross a lake, the gang meet up with a shady peg-legged passenger named Three-Eyed Jack who revealed a map to a place called El Glitterado, a mine that is somewhere in Seattle between a big 'H' but after he drown and is killed, each of the members go one piece of the map and made a deal that once a week (Thursday) they will take a piece of their map and hold it up to see where they are. On the way they joined up with a group of settlers, who head of the settlers refuse to have them join, until Romeo use his smile to convince the wife and daughters of the Wagon Master to let them join, under the condition they must stay at least 100 yards away from them and nickname the group "The Party Wagon". While traveling with them the Party Wagon encountered two orphan kids name Billy and Toady Bartly, survivors of a destroyed wagon train, who joined up with them but as part of Wagon Masters group.

Meanwhile it was revealed that Three-Eyed Jack isn't as dead as thought and realize that his map is gone and plan to get it back by any mean. After arriving to Seattle, the Party Wagon took out the map and began their search for the 'H' and after finding El Glitterado and getting all the jewels, Randall find a newpaper article and discovered that Three-Eyed Jack is a criminal and the jewels are stolen. But before they could even return the jewels, Jack, his three legged horse Bob and his sidekick wall-eyed Tom arrived and stole all the jewels back and plan to head to his other hideout in California, with a map he had, However after a fight Randall got the map and he and the Party Wagon set out to capture Jack and retrieve the jewels back to seattle.


  • Randall P. McDuff: Randall is one of the main character of Party Wagon, He became both homeless and wanted after he ran off from his wedding, while trying to from the the family of the bride.

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