Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is the main character of the show Family Guy. He is the father of Stewie, Meg, and Chris, and is Lois' husband.

Cartoon Network Racing: Adult Swim Edition Edit

Peter is the first character in the roster of Cartoon Network Racing: Adult Swim Edition, being the first character seen in the garage and yard of the first show of the game, Family Guy.


Peter's vehicle is based off of the Griffin family's car in the show.

Vehicle statsEdit

Acceleration: TBA

Speed: TBA

Handling: TBA

Toon Powers Edit

Toon Power 1 = Petarded (Attack)


When not being played as, Peter may appear in races as either a driver or co-driver, and may be paired up with any other member of the Family Guy group. If all but himself have been paired, he will most often appear as Assy McGee's co-driver or, rarely, Master Shake's.


  • If Quagmire is unlocked through hacking in Cartoon Network Racing: Adult Swim Edition (PlayStation3), his model will be "morphed" with Peter's in the driver and co-driver selection. To play as Quagmire, the player must hold the square button and press the X button. To play as Peter, the player just simply presses X as usual.
    • Their voice clips also play at the same time, although Quagmire's often cut off abruptly.
  • Peter's Toon Power 1 (Petarded) is based on the Family Guy episode of the same name, in which Peter learns that he suffers from mental retardation and takes advantage of his disability, causing chaos and Social Services eventually taking away his children.