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The scene shows a spaceship in space where many villains have gathered along with a masked leader.

Masked Leader: Ladies and gentlemen ! It is time that we defeat the heroes and rule the universe. Muhahahahah !!!!!!!

Villains: Yeah !

The intro begins and ends. The scene shows the Land of Ooo at the Tree Fort. Finn & Jake were asleep. As a portal appeared and as BMO was getting sucked, Finn and Jake woke up to help him but got sucked in it.

Finn: Woah!

Finn & Jake reached at a space station where they found Uncle Grandpa, Steven, Mordecai, Rigby, Clarence & Gumball and also a soldier.

Man: You may call me General. Some of the villains you have faced had gathered up teaming up with their masked leader. So, you are our only hope. You can find 22 diamonds in each of your world and that will also make a weapon for you and never let be tired fighting them or else you might die !

Clarence: Let's start with Aberdale !

Rigby: Cool !

Steven: Awesome !

The team entered a portal leading to Aberdale.

Sumo: Hey Clarence !

Jeff: Who are these people ?

Clarence: Meet Jeff & Sumo, my best pals ! And that's Belson ! We are on a mission to save the universe, Sumo and Jeff or Jeff & Sumo !

Sumo & Jeff: Cool ! Awesome ! How can we help you Clarence ?

Mordecai: Just tell us where we can find diamonds.

Steven: That requires ancient places. Hey, would you tell where we can find any old place ?

Jeff: Of course, dude ! Look you are behind it.

Balance: Not so soon, fools ! I have been ordered by the Masked Leader to stop you so that he can destroy Aberdale.

Clarence, Mordecai & Rigby use their soda cans that blowed him off.

Balance: Okay ! Take this diamond from me !

As instrumental music plays, everyone started collecting diamonds.

Everyone: Goodbye Jeff ! Goodbye Sumo ! The work here at Aberdale is done. Now we will go to Elmore.

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