The Grim Adventures with Billy, Mandy, Felicity and Toby is a fanmade series and an upcoming TV series by Princess Dynasti. It is a spinoff of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Like the original series, Mandy walks on the black screen and talks to the viewers at the start of each episode.


Two siblings, Felicity, a gothic, happy-go-lucky 12-year-old girl and Toby, her intelligent, knowledgeable 9-year-old brother befriend the Jamacian Grim Reaper, Billy, a dimwitted boy and Mandy. a smart, merciless and cynical girl to go on supernatural and weird adventures.


List of The Grim Adventures with Billy, Mandy, Felicity and Toby Episodes



  • Felicity - Tara Strong
  • Toby - Jess Harnell
  • Grim Reaper - Greg Eagles
  • Billy - Richard Steven Horvitz
  • Mandy - Grey DeLisle


  • It will be aired on Cartoon Network in the USA and Teletoon in Canada.

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