The Super Hero Squad Show

Season 3

1. Power Of The Cosmic Cube Part One!

The Red Skull has escaped his icy prison, and now vows revenge on Captain America. When he witnesses a legendary item found in the arctic.

2.Power Of The Cosmic Cube Part Two!

With Red Skull using the Cosmic Cube Spider-Man Namor & The Silver Surfer must join the Squad in order to stop him.

3.The X-Men marks the Spot!

The Inner Circle Club has kidnapped the X-Men, though Wolverine states that they havent been the same ever since he left. meanwhile Falcon & Scarlet Witch leave the Squad.

4.Witness the Winter Solider!

Red Skull uses the Cosmic Cube to bring Bucky Barnes back to life as a 30 year old in order to have them team up, with Bucky seeking vengeance on Captain America for paying less attention to him.

5.Magnets and Magic Oh My!

Polaris is introduced as Scarlet Witch's half-sister Magneto & Quicksilver warns Scarlet Witch & Polaris about Baron Zemo & Dr.Doom takinf over duties from the Red Skull.

6.The Attack Of The Lizard!