"what is the answer to: 444+846-74927+85648453+999-888+666-777+666+PI?" -looks at paper- "85575485.14" - H-ost


Season 1 Edit

1.Mascots (gumball, UG, robin, fin, Clarence, other main characters)

2.GumballS (gumball S3, S2, S1, Scraped)

3.DarwinS (same as gumballS)

4.Ninja (fire, ice, lightning, earth, green)

5.Robo (bobert, tiny miracle)

6.RV (UG, giant R F tiger, pizza steve, tiny miracle, mr.gus, belly bag)

7.Family (gumballs family)

8.Before (joke) (uncle cave man, baby gumball, Darwin the first, kai before he was a ninja)

9.Blues (foster, sonic, fin, gumball, jay, mordecai)

10.CN (C, N)

11.Titans (teen titans)

12.Others (weird man, evil wizard, she warrior)

13.GumballS 2 (jealous gumball, eating ghost gumball, man gumball, bobert gumball)

14. Season 1 final (C, A, R, T, O, O, N, N, E, T, W, O, R, K)

Season 2 Edit

  1. unBEARable (bear stack)
  2. Leaders (C, N, H-ost, Founder of cartoon network (animated))
  3. Bees (BunnyBee (first appearance), adventure time bee, steven universe wasp)
  4. Teen Mysteries (explains mysteries in the show) (teen titans, little buddies, aqualad, terra, pizza guy, black fire)
  5. family disappointments (starfire, blackfire)
  6. Time paradox (nicole, chinse food guy, adventure snail, pops)
  7. good or bad? (evil gumball and darwin)
  8. Bear the Stack (Panda, Grizzly, Ice Bear) (all from we bare bears)

Commercials (G-ame-S-how-O-nly) Edit

  • Gumball: the movie
  • living Mordecai head pops
  • We Bare Bears - Quest To Save Cartoon (Network) City
  • Playing Banjo With C and N
  • come to the pizza swamp!
  • visit beach city and get autographs from the gems!
  • safety with Darwin Raglan Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemius Watterson the III
  • ways to crack your gem
  • put up fences so you DONT crack your gem.
  • blue blur, speeds by, sonic the hedgehog!

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